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Nevada Striper Club - FAQs

How much is an annual family membership in the Nevada Striper Club?
We have a prorated scale that decreases as the year goes on.  In March the cost is $30.  On August 1st, the cost falls to $20.  In November, the cost drops to $10.  We do this so people that are interested in joining the club do not have to pay the full price more than halfway through the season.

When is the start of the new season in the club?
The season starts on March 1st and ends February 28th.  Just like the fishing season in Nevada.  Memberships expire on this date and must be renewed to remain in good standing.

What is the definition of family membership?
A family membership consists of your immediate family (i.e.) spouse, son and daughter.  Not siblings, parents or grandparents. 

Do you have to have a boat to be in the Nevada Striper Club and fish tournaments?
No, there are many members that do not have a boat and do well in the tournaments from the shore.

Do you have to fish tournaments to be in the club?
No, only about 40% of our members fish tournaments regularly.  The other 60% like the camaraderie that the club offers as well as a wealth of information about fishing locally and in surrounding areas.  Some members only fish a couple of tournaments a year when the weather is fair.   

 How many tournaments a year are there?
There are 11 regular tournaments a year and one top 10 fish-off.  In February, the top 10 points leaders fish an exclusive tourney for money accumulated in the other 11 tournaments.  (Approximately 10% of each month’s tournament pot goes to top ten fund.)

How does the point system work?
When you enter a tournament you get one point.  It is added to your total weight submitted.  You may weigh four fish in a tournament.  Your year-to-date total determines your rank at the end of the year.

What can I get out of the Nevada Striper Club?
The club offers many things for many people.  There are many members that have 15 plus years experience on Lake Mead.  We also participate in many other community activities such as C.A.S.T for Kids and Adopt-a-Cove.  With 12 tournaments a year fished, many anglers become better fisherman year round. 



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